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End User License Agreement

Last updated: April 10, 2020
Before you start using the software, look over the terms and conditions of this End User License Agreement (hereinafter — the "EULA") and incorporated here Privacy Policy.

FlippingBook Limited, the owner of a non-exclusive right to use the Software, grants the sublicense (non-exclusive, non-transferable right of use) for this Software to the end user (hereinafter — the "User", "Sub-Licensee", "you" or "your") on the terms stipulated below.

Software — the Mobile Application "FlippingBook Salespal" ("MA") and the Internet Service "FlippingBook Salespal" ("IS") considered as the result of intellectual activity and represented in the form of Computer Programs (the subject matter of copyright).

Internet Service — Computer Program identifiable by web address and accessible on the internet via the protocols stated by FlippingBook Limited

Mobile application — Computer Program designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet or watch.

Computer Program — objective representation of the set of commands and data needed for the functioning of computers and computer devices in order to achieve a certain result.

Mobile device — a computer small enough to hold and operate in the hand.

IS Subscription — effective (operational) period of the IS, determined according to the Pricing Plan chosen by the User and/or the MA version.

Pricing Plan — information about amounts, fee rates, expenses of FlippingBook Limited to be paid and/or reimbursed by the User. All the pricing plans, their description, as well as amendments and/or supplements thereto, are provided on the site:

FlippingBook Limited is entitled to provide other pricing plans to the Users under a separate agreement. In this case, the Pricing Plans published on the site: are either not valid or valid to the extent that does not contradict the agreement between FlippingBook Limited and the User.


This EULA, the Pricing Plans, the MA Versions, Privacy Policy as well as amendments and/or supplements thereto, come into force at the time of their publication on the site: FlippingBook Limited is entitled unilaterally to amend and/or supplement this EULA, the Pricing Plans, and MA Versions and Privacy Policy. Users are informed about amendments and/or supplements made to this EULA, the Pricing Plans, and MA Versions by notifications published on the site: FlippingBook Limited, at its own discretion, can also send respective notices to the Users by means of electronic communication.

The User can use the Software only after confirming agreement with the terms of this EULA and and incorporated here Privacy Policy by clicking the "Next" button or in another way, by actual use of the Software, as well as while installing or downloading this Software even in case if the terms of the EULA and Privacy Policy were not accepted explicitly. If the User does not accept the terms and Privacy Policy hereof in full, the User cannot use the Software for any purposes whatsoever. Use of the Software is allowed only under the conditions set out herein. If you disagree with the terms of this EULA and/or Privacy Policy, express your non-acceptance of terms otherwise and immediately cease using the Software.

By accepting the terms set out herein, you acquire certain rights to use the Software within a limited period stipulated by the documents associated with the Software.

FlippingBook Limited does not render IS after the expiration of the IS Subscription. When the IS Subscription is over, IS becomes unavailable for the User, and FlippingBook Limited is entitled unilaterally to delete the User's data. User data are not deleted in case of timely purchase of the Pricing Plan extending the term of IS Subscription.

You may not:

  • sublicense or lease any parts of the Software;
  • decompile or disassemble, amend, adapt, translate the Software into other languages, attempt to get the source code of the Software, in particular, to make changes in the Software code, except for updating the Software by using update files provided by FlippingBook Limited within the IS Subscription;
  • create your own versions of the Software or its separate parts;

  • create products of your own on the basis of the Software, except if allowed by law;

  • create conditions for unlawful use of the Software by third parties;

  • use the Software in any way other than as stipulated by this EULA;

  • use the Software for uploading, sending, transfer, or other publishing of materials which are unlawful, harmful, threatening, insulting to morality, defamatory, infringing copyrights or other intellectual property rights, promoting hatred and/or discrimination of people according to racial, ethnic, sexual, social factors, as well as violating Privacy Policy or violating the accepted norms and Internet communication ethics, or hindering other Users' work with the Software.

  • knowingly use as a domain name on the sites: and/or any name that infringes third parties' rights including trademarks. FlippingBook Limited reserves the right to unilaterally alter the User's domain name if in the judgment of FlippingBook Limited it violates the rights of the respective owner.

The User retains any and all rights to the materials while using the Software. If a grounded claim is received from the respective copyright holder with regard to infringement of its lawful rights, FlippingBook Limited is entitled to delete the materials placed by the User or block access to them without notifying the User or giving reasons.

In the case of using the Software in known violation of third parties' rights, FlippingBook Limited reserves the right to unilaterally take all necessary measures to protect the violated rights of third parties without advance notice or explanation.

The User assumes responsibility for any materials published by him/her. In case third parties assert a claim with respect to the materials placed by the User, the User shall settle such claims independently and at his/her own expense.

If the User distributes the results of using the Software he/she does it at his/her own risk. FlippingBook Limited is not responsible for the actions of such individuals and cannot monitor their motives and goals. IS provides only the technical possibility of presenting the results of the Software usage. FlippingBook Limited has the right to discontinue providing the service to any person upon receiving from an interested person a reasonable claim fulfilling the requirements of current legislation.

During the IS Subscription, you can get Software updates at the discretion of FlippingBook Limited. Any update is an integral part of the Software, so the terms of this EULA relating to any Software update as well. After installation of the Software update, the Sub-Licensee cannot use the source version (the version which was updated), unless it constitutes part of the updated Software or otherwise is stipulated.

Technical Support of the Software is provided only at the discretion of FlippingBook Limited, without any guarantees. You shall be solely responsible for the full backup of the data, software, and programs before obtaining Technical Support. In the course of providing Technical Support, FlippingBook Limited can determine that the technical problem in question is beyond the area of competence of Technical Support. FlippingBook Limited reserves the right to refuse, suspend, or break off provision of Technical Support at its own discretion.

In order to optimize the Software, FlippingBook Limited can, at its option and at any time, amend or delete the Software functions without advance notice.

FlippingBook Limited is entitled to specify any requirements and limitations with respect to the use of IS and other services placed therein, as well as Computer Programs.

You agree that the Software may include special technical facilities with the purpose of collecting anonymous usage data. All the collected data will be used by FlippingBook Limited for Software improvement only and shall not be disclosed to third parties except for cases established by the Law. The Software can also include special technical facilities preventing unlawful use of the Software.

You agree that FlippingBook Limited can take measures aimed at protection from computer piracy. The Software can contain the technology of compulsory fulfillment of requirements, making it possible to install and delete the Software only for a certain number of times on a certain number of computers. FlippingBook Limited reserves the right to collaborate with any legal or executive bodies and to answer governmental inquiries connected with the handling of the Software by Users. Therefore, FlippingBook Limited can provide documents and information in connection with court rulings or other procedures to ensure legality.

FlippingBook Limited has the right to perform routine maintenance of the IS with a temporary suspension of work of the said IS and other services placed therein, as well as Computer Programs. In case of Force Majeure, as well as breakdown or malfunction of hardware-software systems of third parties collaborating with FlippingBook Limited, or third parties' actions aimed at suspending or stopping the functioning of IS, the work of the said IS and other services placed therein, as well as Computer Programs, can be suspended without advance notification of Users.

The User agrees that FlippingBook Limited reserves the right to refuse to provide services to the User or unilaterally stop providing the services at any time without advance notification of the User in the following cases:

  • breach of this EULA or any part thereof, as well as supplements thereto which are an integral part thereof;

  • respective request of authorized government bodies;

  • unexpected technical problems or safety-related circumstances;

  • obstacles or any breaches with respect to IS and other services placed therein, as well as Computer Programs, including the use of any devices, software, etc.

To the extent allowed by the laws in force, FlippingBook Limited and its licensees shall in no event be responsible to you (for negligence, under the contract or otherwise) for the loss of profit, gains, business contacts, expected savings, the time spent as a result of the possibility or impossibility to use the Software, the loss or damage of data as a result of the possibility or impossibility to use the Software, as well as for any actual, incidental, indirect or analogous damages, even if FlippingBook Limited was aware of the probability of such damages.

The Software and updates are provided "as is". FlippingBook Limited does not guarantee that the Software or its updates, as well as the quality of any product, service, information, etc., obtained with the use of the Software are free of errors (including those which can result in problems during installation, updating, maintenance and use of the Software, particularly problems of compatibility with the OS or other program products) and meet your requirements, that the Software shall function normally and be provided uninterruptedly, promptly, securely and correctly, and that any errors contained in the Software shall be corrected. Any risks connected with the quality of work and efficiency of the Software, the possible results of using the Software, varying interpretation of reference information about the Software are borne by the Sub-Licensee.

The responsibility of FlippingBook Limited or its licensees shall in no instance exceed the cost of the MA version and/or IS Subscription paid by the User.

FlippingBook Limited provides no guarantees with regard to non-infringement of intellectual property rights.


This EULA is governed by the legislation of the Republic of Malta.

In case any provisions hereof are deemed void, that shall not affect the validity of the EULA as a whole.

Neither Party shall assert claims on the other Party for failure to fulfill or for improper fulfillment of its obligations hereunder, if this was caused by events of Force Majeure which arose after the conclusion of this EULA due to an emergency which the Party at fault could neither foresee, nor prevent, including: acts of God — fires, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, storms, etc.; acts of terrorism, military actions of any nature, civil disorders, actions of state government and administrative bodies (including amendments to legislation), if they have a direct influence on the subject of this EULA, and other circumstances causing the malfunction of any Party's hardware, etc., if such circumstances prevent the Parties from due fulfillment of their obligations hereunder.

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