Always be ready to sell—with the right collateral in your pocket

Salespal makes your field sales team more efficient with timely, accessible, and trackable collateral. All within one sales enablement mobile app.

Selling is less challenging when Salespal's got your back
As a sales rep, you depend on marketing collateral to make successful pitches and close deals. But traditional paper collateral gets lost, outdated, needs to be carried around. It is more of a hindrance than a help.
Salespal is here to help. It's a sales enablement mobile app that provides you with tools and knowledge for everyday tasks: talking with clients, explaining products, and moving deals forward.
Access your sales library on the go
Never forget or lose your sales content. Even offline and in the middle of nowhere, you'll have tools for a great sales presentation on your mobile device.
Identify promising leads and know when to reach out
Get notified when a lead opens the content you've shared, see how deeply they are engaged, and what interests them. Act smarter, move deals forward.
Navigate your collateral easier with interactive tools
Streamline conversations at meetings and on calls. When you need to discuss specific info in a doc, you can find it within seconds with search, highlights and more.
Supercharge your sales team — try out Salespal today
Works on iOS and Android

Intuitive interface — zero learning curve

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