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Collect leads right from the booth and measure your trade show team's performance with the Salespal, lead capture and collateral sharing app.

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Events are measurable with Salespal
Trade shows and expos present a great opportunity to generate leads. But traditional lead retrieval system with paper forms and badge scanners makes it hard to measure the effect of the event. Post processing takes weeks, leads get missing, and follow-ups are delayed.
Salespal helps to streamline lead retrieval and cut costs on the preparation for an event. All with a single app.
Streamline lead collection and processing
Point your camera in Salespal app at a business card at the event—and the lead data will be sent to our protected cloud. All leads can be exported to your CRM later.
See how your sales team performs in real-time
Even if you cannot attend a trade show, you'll see how each individual rep collects leads via a smart dashboard in the lead retrieval app.
Measure your trade show ROI throughout the year
Every lead gets counted and assigned to a rep. Even if the deal is closed 6 months later, you can tie it back to an event.
Capture leads at trade shows and send documents to them in a click
With the Salespal lead retrieval app, you can collect leads and immediately send them relevant collateral via email—while still at the booth. It's a great way to stay top of mind for your leads after the event. And thanks to tracking, you'll see when a lead opens your docs and will be able to create a tailored follow-up.
Save on printing sales and marketing collateral
People often toss away paper materials they collect at an expo. With Salespal, you can digitize all collateral and distribute it via a mobile app. This will save you resources and give opportunities—such as tracking how people interact with the collateral you've created and what can be improved in the future.
What's great is that with Salespal our agents always have updated materials on hand and can easily refer to them even without Internet connection.
Stefano Madesani
Lampa S.p.A.
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