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Sales enablement platform that reimagines your field sales and dealers' work

Salespal changes the way your teams work with sales and marketing collateral. The right documents are always at hand—accessible, current, and easy to track.

Your perfect sales library
Keep all your collateral in one place, organize it the way you want, and distribute effortlessly to your sales team and dealer network.
Right content at fingertips
Sales reps and distributors always have the content for great presentations, right on their mobile devices.
Updates in one click
When the document is updated, reps and dealers get it instantly, even half the world away.
Access management
Forget messy GoogleDrive folders. Provide teams exactly the content they need with content channels.
On the plane or in the basement—your sales reps are ready to sell thanks to offline access to the content.
Streamline your sales conversations
Send documents via email
Know when it's time for a follow-up
You'll be notified when a lead opens your document, and will be able to choose the best time for a chat.
With Salespal, you can send whole documents and specific document pages as links. Leads will be able to view them instantly, right in a browser.
As our catalogs remain the single source of product information, it is important that the salespeople have access to them at all times. Now they can operate much faster and find information much more quickly than they ever could before.
Matt Alsup
Digital Marketing Manager at Hubbell Power Systems
Identify best leads and know how to talk with them
Go beyond opens, and discover how leads interact with your content. See who's viewing what, how much they are engaged, and get actionable data to build a better sales strategy.


Last activity
See how often a lead views your docs and be able to tell how deeply they are engaged.
Discover what pages get the most attention and learn what info interests your leads most.
Follow up when you see recent activity and boost your chances for a response.
Knowing what your leads click will help you get a better understanding of their needs.
Measure your sales team and content performance

Salespal reporting will give you the right data to understand the reasons behind sales numbers.

Track sales activities
Track collateral
Learn what works in your sales processes. You can see which documents your sales reps use and what brings you the most closed deals.
Measure how your field sales reps work with the collateral on a daily basis. See who is the most active and who falls behind.
Сollect leads and measure ROI
An expo will never be a black box again.
Send leads to your CRM right at the booth
Create a custom form within Salespal and integrate it into your CRM —that's it! You can send leads right into your system instead of collecting business cards in the bag. No manual lead processing post expo.
Send documents to leads
Instead of handing out paper brochures that'll end up in a trash bin, email your documents as links. Boost your chances at staying in touch after the event while saving on print.
Measure your team performance in real time
Watch leads being collected as your sales reps work. With a dashboard showing you the latest stats, you'll know who brings the most value.
Capture the event ROI for months after
Since each lead is tied to the expo, you'll always know the roots of a closed deal. Get the most accurate ROI on the events.
Make better presentations and move deals forward
Your sales team can use Salespal as a powerful presentation tool. At meetings, they will find the info they need without wasting any time on searching through catalogs.
Interactive navigation
Work with catalogs in the easiest way with a table of contents, search, and thumbnails.
Highlight specific parts in a doc and use them for quick reference during a meeting.
Add your own text notes anywhere in the document. The notes are private and great for memos.
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